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  "Joining the Dots" [LIVE] Friday December 8th 7.30 pm
  Spotlight's own musical director, Geoff Allanach, and guests, bring you "Joining The Dots"
 I've made music on all sorts of instruments in many and varied settings and collaborated with a huge number of fine singers, amazing instrumentalists and have taught literally hundreds of children and young people ( and some older!!) their first steps on the same journey.
This show then is a walk through of my own musical journey... starting with my earliest memories of music and going through my musical life to date.... taking in classics... show music... instrumentals ... favourite songs and other musical interludes.... not to mention music that no-one has yet heard ( even me!!)
Join me and special guests, Bridlington's own Ben Couper.....violin virtuoso, Sherilyn Grace (Papworth)... Singer, Stevi Ross ....Singer, for a night of musical variety, I hope there will be something for everyone!!
    Adults £12 Under 16s £8
  "Jack and the Beanstalk" LIVE  Dec 15,20,21,22,28,29 7.30 pm , 16,17,23,30 2.30pm
Pantomime is back with a bang this year at Spotlight Theatre with JACK AND THE BEANSTALK,  directed by David Moore.
The cost of living crisis has forced Jack to sell their family Cow 'Pat' only to find he has been outwitted by the evil Giant's wife !
But with the help of Fairy 'E' Nough,  Jack is able to find his inner hero, defeat the horrible Giant and win the riches to claim his one true love, the Princess Jill.
Packed with silliness, gags and super singalong songs this is a giant of a traditional panto for all the family to enjoy.
    Adults £12 Under16s £8
   "Rita,Sue and Bob too !" LIVE February 9th, 10th 7.30pm, 11th 2.30pm
Join Ginger Green Productions in 1982's Thatcher's Britain when unemployment figures hit 3 million for the first time and Dexy's Midnight Runners 'Come on Eileen' was number one for the whole of August. 
Set in Bradford, West Yorkshire, best friends Rita and Sue get a lift home from married Bob after babysitting his kids, and the three start a fling each thinks that they can control. 
Told with wicked humour and a great ear for dialogue, Andrea Dunbar’s semi-autobiographical play is a vivid portrait of girls caught between brutal childhood and an uncompromising future, both hungry for adult adventure
NB this production contains strong language and has a recommended viewing age of 18.
    Adults £12  
  No Sex Please We're British” LIVE February 16th - 21st 7.30pm 18th 2.30pm only
Members of Spotlight Theatre present a comedy by Anthony Marriot and Alistair Foot.
  A Farce, by definition,means.  "A dramatic work meant to cause laughter by presenting ludicrously improbable events"........and thats exactly what happens in "NO SEX PLEASE WE,RE BRITISH".
The misinterpretation  leads to confusion,  chaos and mayhem, which is just what an audience loves to see.
 Peter and Frances have been married  for  3 weeks and are living in the flat above the bank where Peter is the manager But Frances would like A house of their own so she sends for "tableware"samples from a Scandinavian  company to sell from home and so earn money towards the house.
.However, the package which arrives from the Scandinavian Import Company is not the tableware she is expecting but packets of very dodgy pictures.
Peter mixes up the cheque for the package  with one for a much larger amount for an electrical company and so the confusion begins!! The Scandinavian  company receive the larger cheque  and so continue to send more of their "goods"
Adults £12      
  "LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS" LIVE April 30th, May 1st - 4th 7.30pm, 5th 2.30pm
Looking for something to sink your teeth into?
Diirected by Shania Withey, members of Spotlight Theatre present a delectable sci-fi horror musical with an electrifying 1960s pop/rock score by Alan Menken and Howard Ashman. 
A peculiar plant is discovered by Seymour Krelborn, a meek and dejected floral shop clerk, who calls it "Audrey II" in honour of his crush there.
He had no idea that this bizarre and unusual plant will grow a filthy mouth, a deep R&B voice, and an unquenchable desire for HUMAN BLOOD! 
 As Audrey II grows bigger and meaner, the carnivorous plant promises Seymour unending fame and money as long as he keeps supplying new blood.
Seymour learns about Audrey II's extraterrestrial ancestry and his genuine desire for global dominance just in time.
  Adults £12 Under16s £8
  “Romeo and Juliet” LIVE May 31st and June 1st 7.30pm
From the production company behind the critically acclaimed sell-out shows "Frankenstein" and "A Christmas Carol",  Dark Immersion Productions proudly presentsthe greatest love story ever told.
Set in fair Kingston upon Hull. The year is 1954.
The Capulets, wealthy from the exploits of the fishing industry. The Montagues, a hard working and successful Hessle Road fishing family.
Three days…
Romeo Montague, on shore leave, falls for the beautiful Juliet Capulet, betrothed to another. We follow the star-crossed lovers, defiantly ignoring the threats of their warring families.
Will marriage heal the rift between the families? Or will the pact lead to a more heartbreaking end?
All tickets £12