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  BUY-A-BRICK Fund raising campaign
We have a great opportunity to extend Spotlight by acquiring part of the building next door.
The extra space will be used to re-locate the work shop and provide much needed extra storage.
To do this, however, we have to build a dividing wall plus all the ancillary work including forming access to the stage.
The estimated cost for this project is £12000, which we hope to raise by giving members and supporters the opportunity to buy a brick for £10 !!
Anyone who purchases a brick will go into a draw where three lucky winners will be Special Guests for a show of their choice.
For details about how to donate please follow this link
  "Are You Being Served" LIVE 20th & 21st May 7.30 pm, 22nd May 2.30 pm
Lovers of innuendo and British humour, Flying Circus fans and seekers of laughs – look no further than this uproarious play by Green Ginger productions, the company that brought you "Hi-De-Hi! and "Allo Allo".
To the delight of fans everywhere, this popular British television comedy is now a stage show that revels in nonstop double entendres.
When the motley crew of the Grace Brothers department store prepare for a sale of German goods and then depart for a staff holiday in Spain, they survive their stay in the tropics at a one star establishment and their encounters with everything from a Spanish crumpet to randy revolutionaries with everything intact but their modesty.
Who can forget some of the lines made famous by larger than life characters like Mr Humphreys "I'm free!" (In a deep voice) "Men's wear." Cpt Peacock "Are you being served, sir?" Mrs Slocombe "...and I am unanimous in that."
    Adults £12
  "One Day I'll Fly Away" SPOTLIGHT DRAMA LIVE 22nd - 25th June 7.30 pm - 26th 2.30 pm

Kylie is a nineteen year old woman who has been given three hundred hours community service to do at a Nursing home for the elderly. Here she meets Nora, an embittered elderly widow who has no time or compassion for people she finds inferior or lacking in moral or virtuous conduct.

Nora and Kylie start off their relationship with mutual comic sarcasm and dislike, but as the story unfolds, it becomes clear that although in different ways, they are both walking down the same path of self-destruction. Their relationship slowly evolves, but they don't realise how much alike they really are
The play is full of humour, pathos and sentimentality, leaving you not knowing whether you should be laughing or crying.
Throw in missing false teeth, a domestic with an acute addiction to gossip, a canny old lady who has had a stroke, together with two nurses who are in complete denial about their feelings for one another, and you're in for a night of pure theatre
    Adults £12 Child £8
  "Raven" [LIVE] Saturday 16th July 7.30 pm
This six piece, multi instrumental band has performed at an extensive range of venues and events including Grassington Fringe Festival, Coastival, Beverley Folk Festival, Filey Festival, Stephen Joseph Theatre, Helmsley Arts Centre, Selby Abbey and Castle Howard.
These multi-talented musicians will take you on an exciting journey with their original music. Inspired by nature, love and life, their music is a fusion of rootsy folk, enchanting harmonies and infectious melodies.
Raven could take you on a voyage under the sea, over land, to New Zealand, on the wings of a bird, on board a pirate ship and even in a camper van - be prepared for anything!
“...vibrant women doing something they clearly love is irresistible” Yorkshire Post Magazine
    All £12
  "The Wizard of OZ" LIVE  Wednesdays 7.30pm ..........July 27, August 3,10,17,24,31
 This Summer at the Spotlight Theatre we're off to see the Wizard, as the Remarkable Theatre Company returns to the stage with a fun-packed Pantomime full of song and laughter.
Produced by Mark Howley, follow Dorothy and friends on a magical adventure in this traditional, family friendly pantomime, at Bridlington's best little theatre, the Spotlight.

Featuring a talented local cast, live music and the wonderful children of Remarkable Kids theatre group, we're proud to present this Remarkable Pantomime - The Wizard of Oz, based on the novel by L. Frank Baum.
    Adults £12 Under 16 £8  
 " Bringing on Back the Good Times ! " LIVE  Thursdays 28 July, 4/11/18/25 Aug, 1/8/15 Sept 7.30 pm
 Coming to you this summer, members of Spotlight theatre present a brand new show
which will be spreading enough happiness and joy to lift the spirits of everyone.
 This delightful trip down Memory Lane celebrate's happier days with your all time
favourite songs from the 60’s 70s 80s and 90s, alll mixed with comedy sketches, amazing voices, dance and finishing with a Dazzling finale mixed with QUEEN Songs
This show and certainly for baby boomers, will fill your heart with treasured memories of happier times and is guaranteed to send you home with a smile on your face, a song on your lips, as we all join together in Bringing on Back the Good Times!
    Adults £12 Under 16 £8
  “Bouncers" LIVE 22nd October 7.30 pm, 23rd October 2.30 pm
As one of the most performed plays of the twentieth century, John Godber's "Bouncers" is set in and around a northern nightclub called "ZOO”, with the action focusing on the exploits of the four doormen and their customers.
The play creates a vivid picture of the relentless hedonism of northern night life with its raw energy, flashing disco lights, and raucous lads and lasses out on the town.
It is a funny, energetic piece of highly theatrical storytelling where the men are at once themselves, and every character they happen to meet.
Brought to you by Park Street Performing Arts Centre we are delighted to say that this is the newly updated edition of the play.
The show contains swearing and sexual references – STRICTLY Over 18’s only


  Adults £12