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  Early Spotlight History 2000-2009  
2000 The name given to BAODS new premises following a competition in the local paper, the Bridlington Free Press.

The building had previously been a printing works and included a large main room plus several smaller ones leading from it.
The original idea was that there would be plenty of room to store scenery, costumes and properties as well as using the available space for rehearsals
It soon became apparent, however, that the main room was large enough to make into a small theatre.
Once the plans had been drawn up work began on the project and, with the help of many people, it began to take shape.  

The changes involved in the development ranged from raising the ceiling to building new toilets and fire exits, and installing all the necessary electrics, as well as painting and decorating

No theatre can work without lights of course, so the installation of a modern computerised lighting system was a major development.

Eventually, after many weeks of hard work, the project was sufficiently well advanced for Spotlight to have its first opening night on September 20th, 2000, when it was used for the drama production "Living Together".

2001 Electrically operated stage front curtains now fitted and used for the first time in the Xmas pantomime. Bridlington Hotel and Guest House Association presents a cheque to BAODS for new chairs.

New seating installed.

Behind the main hall rooms for costume and scenery storage refurbished, work which included removing false ceilings to allow for building of flats/stage sets.


2002 Spotlight theatre gets its name in floodlit gold letters above the entrance.
Refurbishment of foyer completed.
Loop system for the hard of hearing now available.
Air conditioning being installed thanks to generosity of Lords Feoffees/
Future plans announced include the installation of new sound equipment, a loop system for the hard of hearing, and air conditioning.

2003 The 'Friends' of BAODS number over 150 [including 15 Life Members]
Bar installed in foyer.

2004 Refitting of kitchen completed.

Foyer altered to make interval drinks more accessible via new serving hatch into kitchen.

Music collection moved into its own room backstage.

2005 Thanks to the efforts of a large group of members dozens of costumes were unloaded into the newly created storage space.

Former scenery store converted into storage space for costumes with other areas available for costume creation/alteration etc.

Scenery moved from former storerooms behind the main body of the theatre into the new storage area is now connected to the main building by a through door.

Purchase of former garage next to Spotlight.
Work started to turn former garage into workshop and storage for scenery

The 'Friends' of BAODS number over 180 [including 17 Life Members]

2006 New carpets installed following redesigning of layout of foyer including new bar and box
office, and wider doorway into main theatre.

New costume storage facility

2007 One wall of foyer decorated with leaflets advertising all BAODS productions since Spotligh .opening

.New, stronger doors fitted to workshop.

2008 First plans put forward for enlargement of Spotlight..  
2009 Decision awaited regarding planning permission for front extension. The extension would include a new bar plus a small rehearsalroom which could be used as a small theatre when combined with the bar area. One use for the upper floor would be storage.