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Get in on the act
Last year over 1,000 pairs of feet trod our boards.  And for each person on stage, there were nearly as many helping out behind the scenes – from cleaners to costume makers to set builders.
And we’re always on the look-out for like-minded folk to share in our dream.  
If you’ve got a talent for acting and/or singing we hold regular auditions for new cast members. We’re particularly interested in encouraging younger people to get involved.  So if you’ve ever sat through The X Factor and thought, ‘I could do that’, give us a shout.
Other ways to get involved
Those who don’t have the acting bug can help out backstage or as part of our front of house team who always need a helping hand. From sewing sequins to hammering nails or simply making a decent cuppa, whatever your talent we can find a place for it.
Of course, we’re just as keen for you to support us from the stalls – without an audience we don’t have a show, only a rehearsal.
You might also consider becoming a Friend of The Spotlight.   Joining this ever-growing group offers discounts on selected tickets and gives you access to Member Only events.  
Contact Mike Sheldon on 01262 608211 for more information
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