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Spotlight on You Tube !!!!!!   December

.............SpotlightYouTube Channel..............

Dear All

I know that, during these unfortunate times we are all missing our friends and colleagues at Spotlight so in order to hopefully, bring back some of those happy memories, we have created a Spotlight YouTube channel showcasing some of our ‘blasts from the past’.

Last week we uploaded ‘Deca Dance’ from 2016 and so far, it has had around 90 views, we have now uploaded ‘Seaside Spectacular’ the summer show of 2018.

If you search for Spotlight Theatre Bridlington, you should then be able to scroll down the page to find the shows, or follow this link Spotlight Theatre Bridlington YouTube

We will also be putting a link on our Facebook page.

Due to copyright and technical issues with the original recordings, we can only show edited versions of the shows.

It would help us if you could ‘like’, and ‘comment’ to the videos and ‘subscribe’ to the channel.

Please keep safe everyone and hopefully it won’t be to long until we’re back on the boards.

With all best wishes

Paul C [Vice chair]

The Show Must Go On.   June

Dear Member, Friends and Patrons of Spotlight.

The Show Must Go On.
First and foremost, I hope you are all keeping well and staying safe from this awful virus that is having a massive impact on our everyday lives.
Lets hope that normality and a virus free society will come soon, so we can get back to a normal life.

Our passion for theatre is on hold too, of course, as Spotlight is closed for now, but is on standby to reopen when allowed.

In the meantime I have some fantastic news for you.

Spotlight Theatre has been granted exclusive rights to watch the world famous Australian production of
........................................................The Pirates of Penzance.
If anyone is unsure about Gilbert and Sullivan, then this performance will change your mind.
It is funny, with hilarious comedic stunts by the late Jon English, with excellent singing and dancing, including a policeman who is nearly 7 feet tall.

We are privileged to have been allowed to watch this show free of charge, and the performance will be streamed via U- Tube on Thursday the 18th of June at 7.30pm. (PLEASE NOTE THIS WILL NOT BE STREAMED AT SPOTLIGHT)

You can watch on any gadget which can connect to U-Tube, but, of course, you will require a name to find the show. and I will send this out to you nearer the time.

If the presentation is successful we have access to the Mikado and HMS Pinafore too, so I would be grateful for your feed back after you have watched Pirates.

Once you have the code/ word needed to access the show you are in for a treat, so prepare your TV gadgetry, get out the chocolates, sit back and enjoy this wonderful production.

Best wishes from Spotlight Theatre, we are thinking of you.
Keep safe.


Mike Sheldon.
Chairman and Trustee
Spotlight Theatre.
Reg. charity 231760.

Don't panic !!!   March

A Message to all our friends, members, volunteers and loyal audience from Captain Downing.
We will protect you all and fight this awful virus until it's gone.
Spotlight Theatre will then open its doors and welcome you all back in.
Keep safe, you are in our thoughts.
We're missing you already.

Put the kettle on Sgt Sheldon, I would like a cup of tea..
"Yes sir, would you awfully mind if I had one too?".
" Thank you Sir"

Coronanvirus   March

Coronanvirus   March

Monday the 16th of March.

After taking advice from the government regarding the immediate closure of theatres to prevent the spread of the Coronanvirus.
We have to inform our Customers, Members, Friends and Volunteers of Spotlight Theatre, that we can no longer in good conscience open the theatre as we believe it would be putting our much valued audience at risk.
Therefore the Theatre is closed forthwith until a time when it is safe to open its doors again.

Booked Tickets.
If you have booked tickets to any of our upcoming shows, including Lilies on the Land you are of course entitled to a full refund and will be contacted in due course.

We are a small team of volunteers, so we ask for your patience as we go through this process.

Spotlight is a small community theatre that relies heavily on local support but we will survive through these most unusual circumstances.
Thank you for all your continued support.
We wish you all the very best of health and hope you keep well over the next few weeks.
We will keep you updated through our emails, website and facebook page.

Thank you from everyone at Spotlight.

Catherine Terry - a lovely double-page spread in the February edition of The Journal   February
100th AGM   February
The 100th Annual General Meeting of the Bridlington Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society will be held this February. These documents, with the Society's original name, relate to the first AGM from May 1909 .
NOA Reports   January 2020

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2 On the page that appears click on the first entry and then Show Reports and you will be able to read Noda reports for Spotlight shows going back to August 2012.