Drama 1928 - 1999  
1928 "A Christmas Carol"
1929 "The Cricket on the Hearth"
1930 "Our Mutual Friend"
1931 "Dolly Varden"
1932 "Martin Chuzzlewit"
1933 "The Chinese Puzzle"
1933 "David Copperfield"
1934 "Milestones"
1934 "Great Expectations"
1936 "The Rose Without a Thorn"
1936 "The Brontes"
? "Thunder in the Air"
1937 "The Scarlet Pimpernel"
? "Column Five"
? "Passing Brompton Road"
1944 "Here and Now"
1945 "The Two Mrs Carrolls"
1945 "Give Me Yesterday"
1946 "Dear Octopus"
1946 "The Blue Goose"
1947 "This Happy Breed"
1947 "Well Caught"
1948" Wasn't it Odd ?"
1948 "The First Gentleman"
1948 "Third Party Risk"
1953 "Pride and Prejudice"
1953 "Are You a Mason ?"
1954 "The Day is Ours"
1954 "Leap in the Dark"
1955"Such Things Happen"
1956 "Portrait of an Author"
1957 "The Happiest Days of Your Life"
1958 "As Long As They're Happy"
1959 "You Can't Take It With You"
1960 "On Monday Next "
1961 "Book of the Month"
1962 "Dear Delinquent"
1963 "The Amorous Prawn"
1964 "Quiet Week-end"
1965 "When We Are Married"
1966 "Goodnight Mrs. Puffin"
1967 "Busybody"
1968 "Who's Your Father"
1969 "Friends and Neighbours"
1971 "Don't Utter a Note"
1972 "A Pig in a Poke"
1973 "Harlequinade"
1973 "The Browning Version"
1975 "Hay Fever"
1975 "The Man Who Came to Dinner"
1976 "Admirable Crichton"
1978 "Post Horn Gallop"
1980 "Dandy Dick"
1982 "An Inspector Calls"
1983 "Hobson's Choice"
1984 "The Workhouse Donkey"
1993 "Breath of Spring"
1996 "Table Manners"
1996 "All Things Bright and Beautiful"
1997 "Trivial Pursuits"
1998 "Coarse Acting"
1999 " Murdered to Death "

From 1928 there existed a drama group called The Bridlington Dickensian Amateur Dramatic Society which, from its programme cast lists, does not appear to have had any connection with the Operatic Society.

Even when, as we read in the programme for the 1934 production, "Milestones", it decided to change its name, it remained a separate organisation, becoming known as the Bridlington Amateur Dramatic Society.

"The name has been changed to permit a larger scope and the production of modern plays. It is proposed to continue to produce a Dickens play each December "

As can be seen from the play list this proposal did not appear to bear fruit as Dickens disappeared from the scene after the production of Great Expectations in the December of 1934.

Interestingly, from 1946 to 1956, play programmes carry the motto , "Nor Do Difficulties Deter " Was this because of post war problems ?



Having been called the Bridlington Amateur Operatic Society since its foundation, the name was changed to that shown on the cover of the 1957 programme of "The Land of Smiles", with the following explanation inside:-

"A Dramatic Section to the Bridlington Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society has recently been formed with the object of encouraging members to study and train in all aspects of stage technique"

The first production was "The Happiest Days of Your Life" and at least one full-length play a year was promised. During the winter Play Readings were to be arranged and members were also encouraged to join a class at the Bridlington Technical Institute on the "Art of the Theatre".

In 1958 we learn from "The Arcadians" programme that while the comedy "As Long As They're Happy" was well received, other types of drama were also being explored.

"The Dramatic Section does not restrict itself to the more popular audience-producing plays, as its entry of Euripedes' "The Trojan Women" in this year's Yorkshire Drama Festival at Scarborough has shown, and a number of our members recently took part in an interesting Studio presentation to an invited audience of the first act of Arthur Miller's "The Crucible", under the direction of Mr Edward Stanley, late of the Bristol Old Vic School of Drama.

Arrangements have been made for the Scarborough Theatre Guild to give an evening of "Theatre in the Round" early in the New Year."